investing responsibly

We seek to be among the most respected firms in technology investing through the pursuit of consistent excellence and continuous improvement.

deeply committed

We integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles into our investment decision-making and portfolio company oversight. In addition to fueling growth, driving value and mitigating risk, we believe it is important to be a good corporate citizen.


We seek to create an environment where individuals are heard, respected and valued and where empathy, humility, responsibility and hard work are integral to the fabric of our firm.

We manage assets for many great causes – pensioners, public servants, hospitals and children -- who count on us for their future financial security. We never forget that everything we do is on their behalf and we treat their capital as if it were our own.


We are focused on establishing accountability within our firm and at our portfolio companies.

Investment professionals have primary responsibility for ensuring that ESG principles are applied in the diligence phase of the investment process and assessed on an ongoing basis with respect to the portfolio companies they oversee.

Respect for human rights is integral to our firm, our people and our portfolio companies. We have implemented and will continue to implement a business ethics framework at portfolio companies where we determine it is necessary and appropriate.

responsible investing

We strive to invest responsibly. We recognize that our focus on investing in technology companies provides a unique opportunity and responsibility to have a meaningful positive effect on people, communities and our society as a whole.

At Francisco Partners and across our network of portfolio companies, we are proud to be a valued partner and employer of choice in our communities. Our efforts to give back can be seen through our work with technology companies that are making a difference in areas such as education, healthcare and environmental responsibility as you can read below. By investing responsibly, we seek to be among the most respected firms in technology investing through the pursuit of consistent excellence and continuous improvement.





sustainability & environmental responsibility


employer of choice

building strong workplaces

Francisco Partners’ portfolio companies regularly rank as best places to work in their local communities.

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    First Coast Worksite Wellness Council Platinum Award Winner

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    Tampa Bay Times Top Workplace for 2020 and 2021

  • alt

    2020 One Planet Gold Winner for Top Places to Work: Incentives and Perks

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    Seattle Business Magazine #1 Best Place to Work in Washington State in 2018

  • alt

    Austin Best Places to Work in 2020

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    LA Business Journal Best Places to Work in 2021 and 2020

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    Detroit Best and Brightest & National Best and Brightest

encouraging diverse, inclusive executive teams and boards

Francisco Partners applauds the Diversity, Equity & Inclusive initiatives across our portfolio companies.

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    Diversity in Tech Employer Award at 2020 Women Tech Global Awards

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    Comparably's Best Companies for Women in 2020

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    BluJay Women’s Network Launched in 2020

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    2019 Women in IT award

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    Member of the Thirty Percent Coalition since 2019

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    Member of Diligent’s Modern Leadership Initiative since 2020

At Francisco Partners, we encourage active employee involvement in volunteer efforts both internally and across our companies.

charitable giving and volunteer programs

  • Over 20,000 employees across Francisco Partners portfolio companies participate in proactive volunteering programs.
  • Francisco Partners is proud of its charitable donation matching program.
  • Francisco Partners hosts annual global volunteer day and additional volunteer activities for smaller groups.


There is no substitute for communication and we are committed to ensuring transparency with our employees, limited partners and portfolio companies.

For Additional Information on Francisco Partners and our approach as well as details on our ESG Policy, please send an email to [email protected].


Transparency of Sustainability Risk Policy

Francisco Partners Management, L.P. (the “Management Company”) integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its investment process. When evaluating investment opportunities, the Management Company considers sustainability risks associated with such opportunities as well as considering whether there are serious ESG or reputational concerns with regard to prospective portfolio companies or other assets. In particular, the Management Company evaluates material ESG risks, mitigating factors and opportunities applicable for the asset type (and the industry as a whole). The Management Company tracks relevant data, and where appropriate, integrates such data into the investment research, acquisition and post-acquisition monitoring process. The Management Company endeavors to consider ESG issues in connection with its investment decisions and company ownership practices, and in furtherance of this commitment, has developed guiding principles with respect to Environmental, Social and Governance matters as a part of its boarder Responsible Investing ESG Policy (“RI Policy”) to guide the Management Company’s consideration of material ESG issues throughout the investment process. The Management Company's RI Policy is available to investors in the funds managed by the Management Company upon request. ESG factors are also considered in the engagement of any operators or service providers in respect of any portfolio companies or other assets relevant to the funds managed by the Management Company.

No consideration of principal adverse sustainability impacts

The Management Company aims to manage the risk connected to adverse impacts from its investments in several ways, including during investment diligence. The Management Company has considered, and continues to consider, ESG factors in its investment process to deliver risk-adjusted returns but it does not consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors as specifically set out in Regulation 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector dated 27 November 2019 (“SFDR”). The AIFM has chosen not to do so for the present time as it considers that its existing ESG policies and procedures are appropriate, proportional and tailored to the investment strategies of the funds managed by the Management Company. The Management Company continues to closely monitor regulatory developments with respect to the SFDR and other applicable ESG-focused laws and regulations, including the implementation of related and secondary legislation and regulatory guidance, and will, where required or otherwise appropriate, make changes to its existing policies and procedures.