The cultivation and success of our employees is the most critical component of our humanness and is foundational for our longevity and outperformance.

The FP Story

Since our launch in 1999 with a small team as an early technology-focused private investment firm, we have had a consistent passion for technology and its impact across every segment of the economy. This passion has continued and has seen the firm grow to over 150 employees globally. We have a flexible approach to investing, allowing us to make majority or minority investments into earlier stage and more mature companies.

What We Value

We take great pride in our employees’ entrepreneurial spirits, commitment to stretch outside of our comfort zones, and our collective desire to be humble individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of technology. We never settle for the status-quo.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Francisco Partners, we value the unique traits that make individuals who they are and believe that our employees' diversity of thought and experience makes for a stronger, outperforming team.

Giving Back

We have a strong commitment to promoting an environment of gratitude and giving back to our community in various ways, including a charitable giving and volunteer program.

What It’s Like to Work at FP

No day is the same as an employee at Francisco Partners. We constantly challenge ourselves and our colleagues to learn and grow, take ownership and initiative, and voice opinions to get to the best solutions possible. Francisco Partners is a true meritocracy where everyone has a voice at the table and is encouraged to share their perspective, no matter their title.

What We Look For

We look for team members who have an appreciation for and commitment to our collaborative approach and who possess the unique combination of ability, personal drive, and commitment to excellence and integrity that is representative of our firm, while at the same time bringing their individual strengths to the table. We offer a journey of understanding and purpose and great reward.

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